Real skin care beyond beauty treatments

The skin is perhaps the most pampered part of the human body, at least, for most women. From soaps to lotions to whole body scrubs — women spend thousands of dollars each year just to achieve that smooth, clear, flawless look.  They want smoother skin and finer pores.  Even if they have to spend a fortune, these women repeatedly go to their favorite salons to get rid of their spots, acne scars, and fine lines.  Some try all the latest skin treatments hoping that the next one would really make them look prettier and rosier.

While most women visit their dermatologist for purely aesthetic reasons, there are quite a number of women who need medical care for their skin.  Skin infections account for many of the visits of women to a dermatologist.

But what is a skin infection?

A skin infection is an invasion and growth of pathogenic microscopic organisms. The infecting organism or pathogen interferes with the normal functions of the skin. Skin infections can be divided into the following  classes or types based on the source of infection:

*    Fungal – Common types of fungal infections include tineal versicolor, yeast infection, ringworm and athlete’s foot.

*    Bacterial – Bacterial infections include folliculitis, furunculosis, impetigo, erysipelas, hidradenitis suppurativa, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, cuts, scrapes, etc.

*    Viral – Common viral infections include chicken pox and measles.

Non-pathogenic organisms that normally live on the surface of healthy skin can become pathogenic under certain conditions. Any one who has a break in the skin is at risk of getting a skin infection. Diabetic people are also at greater risk of infection since the poor blood flow to the skin does not allow for fast healing of wounds. Skin damaged by scratching and sunburn can also be exploited by organisms that are actively searching for a host.

It is also important to have information about the microscopic particles that actually cause the infection.

*    Virus- a submicroscopic particle consisting of a core of nucleic acid surrounded by protein that can grow and reproduce by infecting other organisms.

*    Bacteria – are uni-cellular organisms that come in spherical, rod, and spiral shapes.

*    Fungi (fungus) – are heterotrophic organisms that have a cell wall.  These organisms were originally considered as plants with no chlorophyll.  In general, humans have a high level of innate immunity to fungi and most infections are mild and self-limiting.  Humans are usually resistant to certain fungi due to the following reasons:

1.    The pH content of the skin, mucosal surfaces and body fluids help prevent fungal infection.
2.    The fatty acid content of the skin helps prevent fungi from living on the skin surface.
3.    The cilia of the respiratory tract helps prevent fungi from entering the body.

The presence of microscopic organisms merely shows that skin care is truly skin-deep.  It is not enough to just focus on the smoothness, clearness, or rosiness of skin.  The viruses, bacteria, and fungi that are ever-present need to be controlled, so as to prevent skin infections that not only ruin a woman’s beauty but also pose health risks.

New Beauty Products Can Wipe Away Signs of Aging

While beauty may only be skin deep, there is no reason to give up on your skin – or your beauty – as you age. While the Fountain of Youth does not exist, many of today’s beauty products are taking breakthroughs in biology and chemistry, and using them to create formulas that can wipe away signs of ageing.

While the anti-ageing products of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations may have been little more than promises in a package, today’s formulations truly have the potential to repair and rejuvenate your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. Here are some examples:

Anti-Wrinkle Serum – Women who want to look younger don’t have to go through the drastic measures of going under the knife for a facelift or having Botox injected into their skin. Instead, they can opt for a serum that uses amino peptides which literally relax facial muscle contractions, bind water to the skin, and promote collagen synthesis. When antioxidants and botanical extracts are added, damaged skin is repaired and the serum serves to reduce both the depth and number of wrinkles, to increase the skin’s moisture, and to improve skin tone and smoothness.

Face Lift in a Bottle – Many women question whether facial masks simply give us the illusion that we’re helping our skin, or if they really have a lasting positive effect. Well, using the right facial mask can definitely make a long-term difference. For example, a facial mask that increases collagen production, oxygenates skin cells, and stimulates cellular regeneration, will make fine lines less noticeable. In fact, it can even imitate the muscular response to facial exercises, so that your face literally begins to tighten and become firmer.

Eye Firming Formulas – We first show signs of ageing around our eyes. That morning puffiness doesn’t seem to go away, and those shadows under our eyes get darker, not lighter. One of the culprits is fluid retention, and an eye firming formulation that has what can best be described as a decongestant effect while utilizing a polymer that bonds water to the skin, can both ease the puffiness and make the skin around the eyes more elastic.

Firmer Skin All Over – Unfortunately, signs of ageing aren’t only apparent on our faces, but are evident all over our skin. Again, anti-aging peptides can do a tremendous amount to smooth and firm the skin, as well as to lessen wrinkles and to increase collagen and elastin – substances that make our skin suppler. Because our skin thins out as we age, ingredients that make skin thicker will also reduce signs of ageing. To this end, trapping moisture in the skin is key.

While cutting edge beauty products can repair skin, reduce wrinkles, and lessen the signs of ageing, we can also lend ourselves a helping hand by changing our behavior so that we don’t do further damage to our skin. Using sunscreen, eating anti-oxidant rich leafy green vegetables, and getting plenty of sleep can help Mother Nature preserve our most beautiful attribute – our skin.

Beauty Benefits of Hair Straighteners, Flat Irons, Curling Irons, Hair Dryers and Hair Relaxers

From turning frizzy hair into a sleek and natural-looking style, millions of women around the world invest in quality hair straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons, and hair relaxers. Premium brands and companies are also investing in creating new products; the line of Sedu flat irons, Sedu hair straighteners, and ceramic hair straighteners are a popular choice for women interested in a basic style that stays in line with today’s hairstyling trends. When the Solia flat iron was introduced, many women found this to be a better option than other flat irons on the market.

The process of drying hair, then curling, relaxing, or straightening it is one that takes time and the use of quality tools and products. If you are using the wrong hairstyling products, hair can easily become frizzy, damaged, and even break. This can lead to poor moisture and “dead” hair that is difficult or impossible to style. Finding the right hair dryer for the task at hand is just as important as finding the best styling tools, such as hair straighteners and curling irons. Hair relaxers are most commonly used for women with excessively curly, thick, or African American hair.

Americans spend approximately 7 billion dollars per year on hair styling equipment, salon visits, and general hair maintenance. Although there are many beauty benefits of staying ahead of the season’s trends, changing the condition of the hair on a regular basis can cause hair damage.

Hair straighteners are one of the most popular ways to achieve a sleek and chic look, and many different methods have been tried. Still, one of the best ways to achieve this look is by using Sedu hair straighteners. These are a combination of ceramic hair straighteners and ionic technology that make use of infra red heat. When a woman decides to use one of these tools, their hair becomes flat and free of curls without damage, because the heat they output is much less damaging than steam and standard flat iron hair straighteners in general.

Ceramic hair straighteners are becoming a popular choice because they are lightweight, can heat up quickly, and leave little damage to the particles of the hair. Women who do decide to straighten their hair at home need to find the best hair straighteners for their hair type, along with the best hair dryers for a complete routine. Many choose Sedu flat irons, simply for their ease of use and even heat distribution.  The Solia flat iron is another popular choice and is constructed in a similar fashion as the Sedu flat iron.

Chi hair straighteners are another option for women looking to remove frizz and create a flat and sleek look. Chi hair straighteners first became popular with the Chi ceramic hairstyling iron. These hair straighteners and flat irons offer removable plates that also help protect the hair cuticle. Chi hair straighteners are designed in such a way that they help seal in color and moisture. Farouk Systems, Inc. is the only authorized manufacturer of the Chi hair products; finding an authentic model is an important part of the shopping process. Chi flat irons offer an adjustable temperature dial in addition to a flat heating option that provides intermittent heat for specific parts of the hair. Chi hair straighteners heat up very quickly, offering convenience and ease of use. The line of Chi hair straighteners is also available in three different sizes: Mini, Chi Turbo, and Big Chi Turbo.

When purchasing ceramic hair straighteners, especially Sedu hair straighteners or Sedu flat irons, it’s important to set a budget. Most of the highlighted hair straighteners range in price from $100 to $150, and occasionally will be more expensive.

In order to make sure that the hair follicles and strands do not become damaged, the best hair straighteners are made with high quality ceramic plates. These units are designed to maintain steady temperatures and will prevent excessive heat damage from occurring. Hair straighteners made exclusively with metal plates, for example, will have uneven distribution and may lead to overheating of the hair. Sedu hair straighteners, as another example, have become famous for their steady heat regulation. This is why the ceramic hair straighteners are becoming the standard of choice for hair salons all over the civilized world.

The width of the ceramic hair straightener is important, since coarse hair types require the additional width. The size of the ceramic plates is also an important consideration when dealing with long hair, because once again, the larger plates can help provide a more even and consistent straightening of the hair. Many top quality hair straighteners and flat irons come with attachments for different sized plates. For women who are trying to be more creative with their hair, the different attachments can help with successfully creating these different hairstyles.

We recommend that you spend the extra time to discover which hairstyling equipment will best suit your everyday needs and your desires to be creative. Once you have purchased your hairstyling equipment, be sure to read the documentation that is shipped with it, so that you will have a full measure of the capabilities of your new hairstyling tools. Once you have received your new hairstyling tools, you will find that all of your “bad hair days” are a thing of the past.

Health Benefits From Your Own Veggie Garden

Honestly, even if you have the space why would you go through all the bother of digging over the earth to grow something if you can get it all in the vegetable market or in most shops? This is a common question most people would ask: Why put in all this effort if you don’t have to?

The ones thinking different would be a health conscious person, or having bad health experience in the past and looking for better options. Many of us also know that vegetables and fruits are not of the same quality they were many years ago.

The soil being depleted of essential vitamins and minerals thanks to modern intensive agricultural methods of farming.

More and more nutrients being stripped from the soil in which the food we eat is grown. Conventional grown vegetables and fruits been sprayed with pesticides to help protecting the plants from insects, mold and fungus. Plus, they’re often loaded with toxic pesticides residue that will harm our health. Therefore, these plants contain fewer antioxidants that the ones you would grow in your own veggie patch.

What Makes the Difference?

Just the different taste of a tomato, home-grown from your own garden to the one from the market, this is only about the taste of it, we can’t see the quality inside of the tomato. There are ongoing tests being done on fruits and vegetables. Such research revealed that as an example, a broccoli, grown in the sixties to late seventies, contained 50 percent more calcium than the ones grown today. An apple in the same time contained over 40 percent more vitamin A than what it does today. Comparable situation applies right across the vegetables and fruits grown today.

The fact is: When it comes to eating right, even the healthiest diets lack in nutrients and vitamins.

Make Your Own Veggie Garden

To make a garden, the first health benefit you will get is the exercise from creating your garden before the vegetables even grow. Excuses, there are plenty of great excuses for not doing things. Most of the excuses come down to several factors: Not enough time, not knowing what or how to do it, not enough believe that I can do it, I haven’t got the strength, or my back hurts.

Just brush all of them aside and start making your own vegetable garden because the rewards from it outstrips everything else.

Composting is also a part of gardening by using different elements of nature. Adding matters and organic elements is to prepare some compost to enrich the soil. Start making compost using a compost bin designed for this purpose. Grass cuttings, kitchen matters and leaves etc. are excellent as a good start for this and later added it to the soil. The best way of testing the soil condition is seeing plenty of worms, the more worms the better. When it comes to gardening, worms are an important part to increase soil fertility. The growth and development of plants is deeply and extremely enhanced by these little worms and the success of gardening.

Growing in Pots

Growing tomatoes has been a passion for many people because the tomatoes are the kind of vegetables used and implemented in several dishes and recipes. You can make plenty of salads, grilled meats, grilled with cheese, even eat it as is by adding a little salt. Tomato-gardening is an interesting process overall and you can grow them in pots as well. Just like many other forms and sorts of gardening you can carry out for tomatoes. Using pots has its own advantages if space is otherwise not available. The same applies to herbs; as well as for tomatoes choose a sunny spot: Full sun.

Don’t Throw Away the Goodness

Growing your own vegetables is one thing, preparing them to eat without losing any goodness is another. Boiling vegetables is like throwing out the baby with the bath water. Many people make the mistake of boiling the vegetables and throwing away the water with all the goodness in it. To benefit from all the goodness after growing your own vegetables they should only be slightly steamed and still crunchy when eating them. There are ways of preparing veggies without boiling them.

Did you know that when you add salt to water when cooking, it speeds up the leaching out of minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium? Another fact is that broccoli and some of the other vegetables lose up to 90 percent of its nutrients when microwaved.

Much of nutrition has been lost in over-farmed and over-processed food since the beginning of our food industrialization. When visiting this huge potato farm, as far as an eye can see, nothing but potatoes; noticing this little patch of potatoes on the other side of a shed and asking the farmer: You got some growing here as well. The farmer replied: Yah, that’s for my own use only. I wonder why!

To Stay Healthy

Therefore, it has become nearly impossible to get all the nutrients from the normal food alone. For our body to stay healthy it needs a daily intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients to keep in good health and wellbeing. Growing those few vegetables in your own garden is the right way to go. This may not mean much to many, but the benefits are by far greater than most people realize.

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Why Did My Spray Tan Turn Me Orange?

Before tanning technology was what it is today, the dreaded orange effect was a common occurrence in the industry. For this reason, the risk of looking orange has always been a stigma with spray tanning. This stigma has created fear in many tanning enthusiasts, leading them away from trying it out for themselves. However, modern-day innovations in spray tanning technology reduces the risk of turning orange. Advancements in products, tools, machinery, and technique has done well to prevent this old-time tanning error, and render beautiful, glowing tans in the right color families.

Although innovative tools and products do well to prevent orange tans, technique plays a major role in how a spray tan turns out. That is why it is important to always choose a qualified salon to administer yours. Continue reading to learn more about why you might have turned orange after your recent spray tan.

User Error

User error is the most common reason why spray tans turn orange. No matter how advanced a technician’s tools and equipment may be, a spray tan can still turn out orange if they are not properly educated, trained, and experienced.

First, they must use the right solution. The right solution depends on several factors, like a person’s skin type, skin tone, desired skin tone, and more. Spraying a client with a solution that is too dark for their skin tone and type can easily result in an orange tan. They should also prepare a client’s skin with the proper products, such as pH balancing spray and barrier creams.

Furthermore, the solutions must be mixed at the exact proportions. Using too much of one color, and not enough of another, or vice versa, can also result in the orange effect. This can also result in other undesirable skin conditions, such as blotchiness, alligator skin, and uneven fading.

Another common spray tanning user error is to apply the incorrect number of coats. Inexperienced technicians might apply a second or third coat because they are afraid the color will not be dark enough, but this is a big mistake in the industry. One or two coats is the general rule of thumb, and only experienced technicians can assess how many coats is the right number for a particular client.

Also, proper application is important to avoid an orange skin tone. For instance, using too much product on knees, elbows, hands, feet, and dry skin patches is a common mistake made by rookie spray tanning consultants.

How to Ensure a Great Spray Tan

To ensure a great tan that won’t turn you orange, be sure to choose a reputable tanning salon whose tanning consultants are highly trained and experienced. Be sure to ask them which products and brands they use and why, as well as, what their level of air brush experience they have.

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Healthy Living – Three Important Health Tests

Constant assessment of your health is a must if you want to live a long and disease free life. Sadly, many people are not taking the time to have the assessments carried before they run into serious health problems: full-blown health issues that could have been avoided.

Fortunately, by educating yourself on the health tests you should be taking, you can have a better idea of which tests to get done to optimize your well-being. Let us go over three such tests so you can ask your doctor about them at your next check-up…

1. EKG or ECG. Chances are, you have heard of an EKG or ECG. This test is often associated with those people who are experiencing serious medical emergencies or are having a heart health scare. An EKG will reveal if there are any problems with your heart’s electrical system. But, an EKG can also be used for preventative purposes as well.

In this test, the heart’s activity is represented as a line tracing on graph paper. The spikes and dips in the tracings are divided into sections and show how your heart is working. Your results will be compared to a normal heart graph and any abnormal rhythms showing poor blood flow will be revealed and then be able to be treated.

Get tested now so you know if you are at risk and can then start taking steps to help negate the risk.

2. Colorectal Cancer Screening. Cancer is a devastating disease and sadly, one that impacts many. Colorectal cancer is one of the leading forms of cancer affecting many people and often comes without any obvious signs or symptoms. Although alternating diarrhea and constipation and abdominal pain are some of the signs, along with blood in the feces, they are brushed off as being a part of living.

It is often fatal in 90% of cases, so not one you want to come down with. Early screening is going to be key as if polyps are found early, they can be removed before developing into full-blown cancer.

3. Lipid Profile. Finally, make sure you schedule a routine blood test at least every 12 months to get your lipids checked. From these results, you can determine your risk for the metabolic syndrome, which is a condition characterized by…

elevated blood pressure readings,
high cholesterol levels, as well as
insulin resistance.

If you are diagnosed with the metabolic syndrome, you will be at a higher risk for conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes if you are not suffering from these already.

So keep these three tests in mind and ask your doctor about being checked out. It is always better to be on the safe side.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

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Natural beauty through mineral makeup

As we become more aware of our environment and more aware of the products that we are putting into and onto our bodies, natural and homeopathic products are taking the cosmetic industry by storm.

It’s likely you’ve noticed new skincare and cosmetic companies popping up with ‘all natural’ and ‘organic’ products. Of course, just because they say they are, does not necessarily make it true. That is where consumer education comes in, and why it is so important.

The title of this article is ‘Mineral Makeup’. After learning what mineral makeup is, what products go into it, and what its benefits are, you can decide if this is the right choice for you.

What Is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is designed from all naturally occurring products. It is often recommended by dermatologists to women with sensitive skin, rosacea, post operative, laser and other procedures because of its intrinsic skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a powder makeup of finely milled minerals. It can provide very sheer or very opaque coverage, depending on the formulation and application. However, it still allows natural skin radiance to show through, so you don’t get the dreaded ‘mask’  look. It is typically free of fragrance and preservatives. Minerals cannot feed bacteria, so there is no danger of spoilage, thus it needs no preservatives. It does not go bad. It is very good for oily skin because it has several oil- absorbing components.

It is usually applied with a brush, and is typically shown to be ‘buffed’ into the skin. This technique forces the makeup into your pores, which is never a good thing. A technique that works with better quality mineral makeup (which we’ll discuss later) is to ‘dust” the makeup on, instead of ‘buffing’ it. If a brush irritates your skin, you can also use a non-latex or flocked sponge. Application can be done either wet or dry.

What Are The Ingredients?

This is the most important part. Learning what is in your makeup will give you the ability to choose what will meet your needs best. These are the ingredients you will most likely come across.

• Titanium Dioxide- A white natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory agent. It is highly reflect, with only a diamond being higher, and thus minimizes fine lines and some skin discolorations.

• Zinc Oxide- A natural sunscreen providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

• Sericite- A colorless mica that can be used to cut the opacity of Titanium Dioxide and also works as an oil absorber.

• Cornstarch/ Rice Powder- Cosmetic grade- An oil humectant (draws oil out of the pores). Can make acne worse as it is a source of food for bacteria.

• Kaolin Clay- Natural oil-absorption.

• Mica- Natural ‘glitter’. Provides shimmer and sparkle.

• Iron Oxides- Natural pigment- very opaque. Used for tinting cosmetics.

Ingredients To Avoid

These ingredients are also common, but can cause problems so are best to avoid.

• Talc/ Various Powders- Common fillers- can cause respiratory problems.

• FD&C Dyes- Derived from coal tar.

• Bismuth Oxychloride- Known skin irritant- causes itching, rashes and breakouts. Especially prevalent when the wearer sweats.

• Ferric Ferrocyanide- Controversial because of its suspected toxicity.

• Carmine- Crushed beetles.

What Brand Should I Buy?

Well, if you’re familiar with mineral makeup, it’s likely you’ve seen the infomercials. After further research you’ll find these companies use controversial ingredients, and charge quite a bit for their products.

There are several good mineral makeup companies out there that provide a much better product at a more affordable price, as well as a superior customer experience. They also offer samples, which the larger companies do not. You will get to try the makeup (unlike in the drugstore!) for a fraction of the cost before you buy it. They do not have expensive advertising and packaging to pay for, so the savings are often passed on to you.

Simple Tips For Safe Tanning

With summer time fast approaching many people are wanting to darken their pale, pasty skin and create the healthy bronze color that makes them look really great. The thing about getting the skin you want, is to be sure that you follow some very important tips for safe tanning, so that you protect your skin from being damaged during the tanning process.

The most important tips for safe tanning to understand when you are tanning is how to get protection for you skin. You will need to know about SPF, which is the Sun Protection Formula, this is important because when you are using sun screen the higher SPF means that you are more protected. This differs by the persons skin type and the amount of time it take it to burn. You can buy sunscreens in lotions, oils and creams. Do not confuse sunscreens with sun blockers as sun blocks have no SPF rate as they completely block out the suns rays.

The next tips for safe tanning you will need to consider is whether or not you want a outdoor, or an indoor tan. If you are going to tan outdoors you will find that the sun tan and cancer are related and if you are going to tan anywhere make sure you protect your skin, make sure it is very clean, remove all of the make up and perfumes as well as applying the right low SPF sunscreen before going into the sun. Make sure if you have sensitive skin that you find the hypoallergenic products. Another consideration is the time of the day, the best tanning time is when the sun reaches its most intense time which is about 12 pm to about 3pm. Make sure to allow two or three days to pass before tanning again.

If you are interested in tanning indoors, you will find that the tanning is slightly more safe than a natural outdoor tan because the situation is controlled. The best tips for getting a great tan are to use the lamps that have the lowest UVB as they give you a darker and longer lasting indoor tan. Next you will want to use both a DHA (dehydroxyacetone) and a SPF (sun protection formula) lotion, that have the nutrients that your skin needs to have that beautiful bronzed glow. Remember when tanning that you don’t want to stay in the tanning bed for more than fifteen minutes.

Another consideration for people who like tanning but don’t want to go to the tanning salon or lay out in the sun, may consider the body bronzing agents that can be used in the privacy of their own homes. These products come in lotions, sprays, pills and gels, and use the DHA formula that will turn a brown color when you expose it to oxygen. It takes approximately 3 hours to work and the coloring will hang around until the skin cells are shed naturally. Many of these products also come with the vitamins and the moisturizers they need to keep your skin healthy. Just remember these tips for tanning for the best tanning results.

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